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Regd off :Salvadore Villa
Chilimbi - Urva , Mangalore (575006)
Karnataka - India
Tel No:+ 91 (824) 2451225
Fax:+91 (824) 2459125
CELL No : +91 9880344678


Stems N Leaves International holds the distinction of having introduced several varieties of granite hues to the local and international market.

Morning Dew was one of the first such entrants into the scene and it was shortly followed by RYO which is doing extremely well these days. Ocean White was Stems N Leaves International’ first debutante on the international scenario.

All this apart, Stems N Leaves International’ gamut of granite has never been restricted. We have our reds, blues, greens and other major categories which are in demand from time to time.

Over the years we have diversified into the sourcing of other granite materials including :

AP White, Samaria red, Mica Red, Black iren, Carmel red, devadurga Grey, raichur Grey, SK Fantasy, Linear grey, Cats Eye, MD5, Ruby Red, PG red, BK Red, Ant red, Vizag Blue, Bahama Blue, Lavender blue, Warangal Black, Black galaxy, Tan Brown, Marble Red, Tamin Black, Surf Green, Silica Gold, Paradiso, Bosch paradise, Kuppam Green, Multicolour Red, Indian Zuprana, Raw Silk, Ruby Star, Red Porphyry and more.


  • HUE
  • Red
  • Karnataka
  • 450 kms from Mangalore Port,700 kms from Chennai Port
  • Grey
  • Karnataka
  • 500-700 kms from Chennai Port
  • Blue
  • Vizag
  • 250-300 kms from Vizag Port
  • Green
  • Orissa
  • 500 kms from Vizag port
  • Green
  • Karnataka
  • 500 kms from Chennai Port
  • Green
  • Kerala
  • 300 kms from Tuticurent port
  • Multicolour / Zuprana
  • Kerala
  • 250 kms from Tuticorin Port
  • Whites / Yellows
  • Kerala
  • 350 kms from Chennai Port